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Slaughter line, segmentation, processing, packaging, and freezing
Pars Tyur Asia slaughterhouse will start its activity in October 2017. It is located in Qale Payan village in the east of Mazandaran province in a land by 5,500 square meter and by the capacity of slaughtering and processing 6000-8000 birds per hour.
All machines contained in this industrial unit include slaughter line and segmentation, refrigeration and freezing tunnel, water and wastewater treatment system, the packaging system for nugget and schnitzel, waste-processing system etc. are based on the latest technology.
This slaughterhouse is the first and only user of shrink vacuum and multi-fresh technology in Iran that uses this technology for packaging white meat to provide products for consumers with distinctive appearance and quality.
Why Savana?
Water Treatment
For water treatment the company recruit consultants from Germany, Netherland and Iran and by their help and using the most updated methods the company gets able to reduce the domestic and industrial effluent pollution so that, it gets usable for drinking, irrigation and washing salons.
This water treatment system makes it possible to collect the emissive Methane gas, which comes from wastes. The gas is the first reason of warming our home and the Earth, and convert it to the electrical energy which can be used easily for different purpose like heating etc.
The water treating process is completely biologic and no harmful chemical additives are engaged.
The output of this system is sludge and purified water. After some processes, the sludge will convert to fertilizer for agricultural usage.
Hereby, one more time the company shows and proves its responsibility for environment protection, public health, energy and water consumption, which guarantee our life and our next generation health.


Slaughtering process from the beginning to the end in this company applies high-tech machines without any human touch. The machines are able to discharge the whole visceral body parts completely.

In the process of germs and bacteria contamination, the bird’s bodies absorb some water. The company by using its 1500-meter-long chilling line is able to discharge the absorbed water and offers chickens to its customers, without any extra water.

The laboratory of the slaughterhouse is equipped with the most advanced equipment and experts, who check the whole process and do sampling by the most up to date methods. The products are allowed to be packed and sent to Market only after their confirmation.

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