Feed processing

Feed mill plant (Iran’s best feed production unit in 2015)

The feed mill produces the feed needs for broiler breeder farms of Savana Production Group. According to the general policy of the group, this unit takes into consideration some issues such as the production based on the scientific and practical principles, continues development and improving the quality level of products. In this regard, the feed production unit exchanges information with poultry nutritionists, professors from prestigious universities of inside and outside the country and knowledge-based companies and interacts with them continuously to keep pace with new science and take steps toward the high goals of Savana Production Group.

The construction of feed plant began in 2010 and its activity has been started since the second half of 2013 with the aim of producing high-quality feed in the form of the pellet and crumble. The unit is located in 20,000 square meters area, which is equipped with the most advanced facilities and latest equipment, based on international standards. The capacity of its industrial shed and silos is around 30,000 tons for storing raw materials and its production capacity for producing the pellet and crumble is 90,000 tons annually. Based on these characteristics Savana feed mill is known as one of the highest quality feed production unit in the country and won the best feed production unit reward in 2015.

    Some of the several distinctive features for that factory are:

  • Using the latest technology and device, systematic design of production line
  • Using the latest automation software by Siemens and Schneider
  • Continuous control and monitoring of the production process
  • Strict quality control from raw materials to the final product, and microbiological analysis tests for raw ingredient and final product.

Feed Additives

Our nutritionists in Savana Group recommend highly pellet feed mill but there is still some farmers who are not able to breed chickens with pellet feed mill because of weak ventilation system in their salons.

For these cases Savana offers a wide range of feed additives to its customers. The feed additives are added to mesh feed to be served to the chickens.

The advantages of pellet feed
Increasing feed intake: due to a special physical form of the pellet or crumble feed, chicks prefer to eat that diet to mash diet.
Increasing nutritional value and feed efficiency: chicken feed by pellet use more feed but less energy to digest diet. So weight gain increase with less feed (lower FCR).
Waste reduction: due to the compressed form of the pellet, the waste of feed will reach to a minimum amount. The powdery and soft elements of mash diet, which mostly contain additives, are not recognizable and could not be used if they are spilled on the floor.
Reducing selective feeding and increasing uniformity: chicken use a uniform combination of material by pellet diet, so this leads to increase body weight uniformity.
Increasing palatability of feed: pelleting process reduces the powdery characteristic of mash diet, so the palatability and feed intake will be raised.
Elimination of pathogenic microbial and anti-nutritional compounds: the high temperature of the pelleting process with a mechanical pressure that is created by passing on feed ingredients eliminates many of possible pathogenic microbial agents.
Reducing transport cost: the volume of the feed is reduced by compressing and forming it as a pellet and this leads to easier movement and transportation.

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