Savana Production Group
Savana Production Group has started its activity since 1989 with Rakhsh veterinary pharmacy. The group produces 24 million one-day old broiler chick annually. Broiler chickens rise under an ideal condition in Savana Group chicken producing farms. When the chickens reach to market body weight, they are sent to Savana slaughter plant. Chickens are processed by completely automatic line, which confidence high-quality product.Savana’s successful and well established production group gradually has been developing its continuous improvement in broiler breeder and broiler chickens with high-quality care and welfare in order to provide healthy animal protein for the target consumers.

  • Chicken meat production chain at the highest level (Farm to Kitchen)
  • Supplying human protein requirements by modern and mechanized methods to have healthier human community
  • Education, promotion, and culture-building with the aim of increasing the per capita consumption of chicken meat in the country
  • Developing and improving the structure of poultry production
  • Profitability, development, and entrepreneurship
  • Customer orientation
  • Carrying out activities in cooperation with all relevant sections of production group
  • Relying on expert and professional employees
  • Constant and increasing improvement
  • The responsibility for public health and environment
  • Considering all personnels as an efficient element on the path to growth and development
  • Being forerun
The different sectors of Savana Production Group are as following:
  • Veterinary Service Complex (clinic, laboratory, and pharmacy)
  • Parent farms
  • Feed mill
  • Feed processing, feed pelleting and concentrate plant
  • Broiler farms
  • Chicken slaughter line, rendering line, segmentation, further processing, and packaging of meat and freezing.
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